"As a nutritionalist for 18 years I love when you find quality products at a good price!"


As a nutritionist of 18 years I love when you find quality products at a good price. EBYSU meets the mark for me and the Green Tea Extract has a great dose per capsule. Taking 2 capsules a day I noticed a mental energy and clarity kick in pretty soon after taking the product. Will be back to get more!

-- Harry 



"Great Product and greater customer service!"


Helps mobilize fats to your mitochondria more efficiently and provides a nice sustained energy boost through out the day.

Great alternative to coffee for that extra jump in your step.

After a few weeks or supplementation i have definitely noticed better lean mass body composition and perhaps even diuretic/detoxification properties; as i seem to be going to the washroom more frequently.

Perhaps my body was not synthesizing L-Carnitine optimally before supplementation.

A EBYSU representitive checks up on you soon after your purchase to make sure you are satisfied with both the product and service. She also provides helpful tips and tricks to make your supplementation of L-Carnitine more potent and effective.

Very grateful to have come across this product and company. Highly recommend!



"Working good so far!"


It takes between three and four weeks before you begin to feel some changes. I took one capsule a day at 4:00 pm, 60 minutes before dinner. I have been told that one is enough. It actually 650mg by capsule, if you read correctly the back of the book. Serving two capsules = 1300 mg. So it's not 1300mg for one. I took also rhodiola, two capsules, one in the morning 30-60 minutes before breakfast and one in the afternoon. It's a good combination. I am sleeping better. My panic attacks used to be a nightmare. I still have panic attacks sometimes but it is much better. It is my second month so far and I am happy. I recommended. Be patient. Eat better, try to sleep better, remove toxic people from your life, do the things you love and try this. No side effects.

 - Quosmik




I struggle with anxiety and wanted to find something more 'natural' to help, instead of heavy pharmaceuticals. I've been taking this for almost 2 months, and am no longer using my other medication for anxiety. Fantastic This is not a miracle pill, as you still have to monitor and manage your daily stressors and such, but this is a great supportive supplement. So don't take it expecting a 'cure all' for anxiety. I can definitely feel the Ashwagandha working, with zero negative side effects. My sleeps are getting much better, and I don't have the rapid heart rate that I feel lingering in the back with my anxiety. I will continue to take this supplement! My husband is taking it also, and I see improvements in his mood and libido also! Very happy customer!
- Mr & Mrs Oberhammer

"One of the best milk thistles on the market!"


My wife and I live up here in Vancouver BC. We have been competitive bodybuilders since we were teenagers, now we are 52, 53 and we are still at it competing. Thats a lot of years. We have gone through pretty much every company out there over all these years that sells milk thistle and by far EBYSU is the best so far for quality, price and bottle size. Popeyes, I herb, Body energy, X fuel, Walmart just to name a few companies out there that can not measure up at all to EBYSU. Awesome job EBYSU. Thank you 



"Loving EBYSU Milk Thistle!"


I am a nutritionist of 18 years and coach the ketogenic diet the last 2 years. For me milk thistle is a go to every 6 to 9 months to keep my liver functioning at it's potential. Love this milk thistle as it is max strength and only need to take 1 capsule a day plus the price is right. Super happy with EBYSU products so far and also their customer service is top notch. Will be trying out all their products soon.

-Harry Isaac